The programme consists of three residential elements and the company project:

Company Project

April 30th - July 6th 2018

At the core of the programme is an in-depth, eleven weeks consultancy project carried out within, or on behalf of, a internationally operating company. In previous years projects have been undertaken for companies such as Philips, General Electric and tesa and have included for example the design of a three year Europeanwide graduate entry training programme.

Residential I Residential II Residential III
Riga/Latvia: 16th  27th April 2018 Ghent/Belgium: 11th June – 14th June 2018

Bamberg/Germany: 9th – 13th July 2018

An initial, intensive, two-week teaching period at the outset of the programme:

  • prepares participants for the consultancy project
  • provides a thorough grounding in approaches to human resource management in internationally operating organisations across Europe

In a second four-day-long residential period students:

  • evaluate the ongoing project work in regard to professional content and intercultural group process
  • explore the context and strategy of human resource management including macro-economic influences on HRM

During a third one-week residential period at the end of the programme:

  • participants present the results of their project work to experts in the field of international HRM
  • this module also provides an opportunity for individuals to review their personal experiences of working in cross-cultural teams
  • the implications for the practice of HRM in international organisations will be considered